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About Logistics Worldwide

Logistics Worldwide is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bold City Logistics, LLC based in Jacksonville, Florida. We service clients across the country offering a one-stop solution to all their logistics needs. We began with a simple concept: listening to our clients, finding out what they need, and filling that need.

Over the years, we have applied this concept and built a strong business one shipment at a time, thus earning the trust and respect of our clients.

Logistics Worldwide has built a culture of cheerful readiness among its team members because they work side by side with senior management. Even owner Jeff Lavallee participates in the daily operation along side team members,ensuring every client receives the best service possible.

As a 3PL, we are your on-board, freight management professional that gives you access to the technology and carrier resources that ensures your carriers have the best safety ratings & licenses and are insured. Logistics Worldwide is your true logistics partner with all the benefits of real experience and a philosophy that aligns with the goals and objectives of your company.

It is all About the Client

Logistics Worldwide recognizes everything is literally all about the client. Adopting the philosophy of “The answer is Yes! Now, what’s the question?” keeps us at the forefront of client services. Our recent change to a digital economy has changed the client's experience and thought process; so, we feel offering customized technology and innovative management styles to each organization will impact our clients' systems and processes in a way that partners us with each and every one of them on a daily basis. Gaining an in-depth knowledge about our clients is not something that happens overnight.

Gaining that in-depth knowledge comes from our extensive follow-up and taking the stance that our clients are not just clients, but partners. We want to know each client's business, touch points, and leadership across their entire organization before we actually move a piece of freight for them. It’s about knowing our clients inside-and-out so that we can create and deliver personalized experiences that will boost loyalty and advocacy towards our company, thus, differentiating Logistics Worldwide from the fierce competition.

Logistics Worldwide offers the following
freight shipping and transportation management services

✔ Full Truckload (FTL)

✔ Less than Truckload (LTL)

✔ Intermodal

✔ International Shipping

✔ Guaranteed and Expedited Shipping

For more information on Logistics Worldwide or to learn more about the services we offer, please call (844)-488-7447 or shoot us an email at One of our seasoned shipping experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Logistics Worldwide History

Logistics Worldwide quickly became a nationwide leader in the transportation industry by creating a culture within our team that is professional, fun, and consistent. Our transportation experience and entrepreneurial spirit has come from operating in the 3PL arena since the company's inception. The owner of Logistics Worldwide, Jeffery Lavallee, has transitioned the opportunity to infuse technology within the complex transportation industry by compiling the very best software systems and powering it all with enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members. In fact, we have been known to react so quickly that most of the time we exceed our clients' expectations. The transportation industry is starving for a company that takes pride in what it does by recognizing when it gives a client its word, it will deliver on it every time. Logistics Worldwide is that company.

Logistics Worldwide is always looking for small- to medium-size business partners that need a logistics team within their own organization, but lack the knowledge or capital to have one. By utilizing Logistics Worldwide as the solution, our LTL booking platform, as well as personalized Truckload services, we can enable those companies to implement a simple and streamlined process of consolidating all their shipping requirements into one resource. As we continue to grow our carrier lists, technology resources, and industry support, we continue to become an even stronger leader in the transportation industry.

Logistics Worldwide always will strive to exceed its clients' expectations while forging a long standing partnership with them as their all-inclusive transportation provider. Logistics Worldwide offers services from Truckloads, Less-than-Truckload, International, Air Freight, Expedited and Guaranteed, and Enterprise Partnerships.