Logistics Worldwide Charity Support

Logistics Worldwide prides itself on the impact we have in our local community. We have worked with a variety of local and national charities to support causes such as animal rights, disaster relief, struggling children and families, and cancer research/awareness. By enriching the lives of others, we are truly able to enrich our own lives and our company in the process. Join us in support of our favorite charities:

Clara White Mission

Our charity of choice at Logistics Worldwide is the Clara White Mission. We are a huge supporter of helping people with a new perspective on life, giving individuals a second chance. Our owner, Jeff Lavallee, sats on the Board of Directors for this organization ensuring that their mission statement is being followed and their efforts truly benefiting our community. We have been involved in multiple events such as Ashley Street BBQ, Clara’s at the Cathedral, and Organic Gardening over the last 2 years. Logistics Worldwide also encourages employees to volunteer at the mission events by offering an employee bonus program for community service hours.

Clara White Mission logo

Operation New Hope

Our charitable contributions go way beyond the expectations of money; we believe in investing in people themselves to help make Logistics Worldwide and our community a much better environment to live in. Logistics Worldwide is honored to be a business partner with Operation New Hope’s Ready4Work program. This nationally recognized program within Operation New Hope provides ex-offenders with the skills and support necessary to re-enter the community workforce as productive and responsible citizens. Operation New Hope's efforts are an effective crime prevention tool that saves taxpayers the higher costs of the offenders being re-arrested, tried, and incarcerated. The Ready4Work program has become successful by maintaining corporate partnerships with local employers like Jeff Lavallee, President and Owner of Logistics Worldwide. Jeff understands the challenges faced by ex-offenders and hires participants of the program based upon the support provided through the Ready4Work program.

Goodwill of Northeast Florida

Goodwill of North Florida is a diversified human services organization, self-funded by a network of retail stores, which Logistics Worldwide supports through donations and community preservation. For over sixty years, they have been turning your donations into jobs within our community! Donations of gently used clothing, furniture, and household items are the lifeline of their business and the engine that supports their mission...to train and employ people with disabilities, special needs, and anyone seeking employment.

Other Charities

Logistics Worldwide has also supported the following charities and causes: