Social Media

Logistics Worldwide believes in Social Media and keeping up not only with current events, but also engaging in positive feeds with our clients via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social platforms. Social media is the way that today's society communicates, shares, and engages with each other.

It is immediate, interactive, responsive, and highly powerful. It allows businesses to strike up conversations with existing and potential clients.

We strongly believe the power of conversation will humanize our brand through the use of social media. Social media is the freight train of branding our company in an effort to provide stronger stability for our clients. We feel so strongly in social media that we encourage our team members and clients to interact online during normal business hours and even hold competitions and recognition programs for those that are the most social.

The success of our social media branding has been pushed to the forefront of our industry and apparent to our competitors and industry as a whole. We are dedicated to building our online community and would love to connect with you. Find Logistics Worldwide on a variety of social media platforms and discover how you can be social with us:

✔ Discuss industry news and trends

✔ Help with your shipping needs or questions