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Summer storms, severe weather slam roads this week

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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Severe weather rolled across parts of the country yesterday and today. If the storms continue today drivers will be slowed down and freight times will be delayed. Heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and hail are expected to hit various spots of the country from the Rockies to the East Coast today.


12 states reported damaged winds and large hail reported a little less than 50 times on Monday as trees and power lines were blown down. Wind damage occurred most concentrated from North Carolina to Virginia/Maryland while humidity was the leading cause of the Southeast storms.

The Rockies, Gulf Coast states, and the northeast are expected to get the most severe and concentrated storms today as the system shifts across the country. Isolated thunderstorms from Strong to severe levels will be possible over the southern Plains Tuesday afternoon.

While not as hot as the record breaking heat we saw Friday, parts of the East.....There is also a dangerous heat wave forecasted this week for much of central and Northern California.

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